Saturday, 6 September 2014

We have moved!

Hi everyone, sorry that it's been so quiet, but I've been working on a new blog which is now (for the most part) up and running!

So from now on I shall be posting under

Mr Darcy and Sookie are still causing mischief and mayhem on a daily basis and have decided to feature on the new blog from time to time too!

So if you have a moment, please come over and say hi! Oh and you can see Mr Darcy in his first post here:

Love and purrs from Kitcaboodles, Mr Darcy and Sookie x


Tamago said...

OMC where have you been? So happy to see you back!
We will go over to your new page!

Ragdoll Mommy said...

We love your blog and have started to follow you, we'll go check out your website ASAP.

meowmeowmans said...

Cool! We'll go and check out your new page now!

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