Thursday, 25 August 2011

Worrying... and bum fluff!!

Well Darcy has had us worried this week. He's been a little quieter than usual, then yesterday morning I realised he hadn't made his usual early morning visit to see me, he wasn't even upstairs.. highly unusual. I eventually found him curled up very quietly in the lounge and he didn't even get up when he saw me.

I found quite a lot of, er, 'mess' in the kitchen too! After a quick clean up and lots of cuddling and soothing from me, I had to go to work and spent the whole day wondering if he was okay and resolving to take him to the vet if he hadn't improved. I arrived home and found him waiting for me at the door - a good sign! Still he needed a proper wash so off to the shower we went. I have a glass cubicle shower and find it easier to wash the cats in there rather than in the bath.

Anyway after this Mr Darcy toddled off sopping wet down the stairs and proceeded to demonstrate some ballet techniques.
Darcey Bussell... er I mean Mr Darcy!
Eventually hubby and I decided we were going to have to do the unthinkable... bring out the hairdryer. To cut a long story short, poor Mr Darcy ended up being held by hubby whilst swaddled in a towel as I frantically blowdryed and brushed his back legs and tail. I can't even describe how funny the sight was of Mr Darcy bunny kicking his way through it all. After a minute I swear he decided he was enjoying it, and just threw in the odd little kick just so as not to admit defeat!
Finally he escaped and all we saw was the most beautiful fluffy bottom disappearing out the cat flap!! 

I'm happy to report that around 5 minutes later he was back, ready for his dinner and now seems fine. Must have been a tummy bug but my goodness did I worry!!
All better now I promise... please feed me!!


Mr Puddy said...

Yep, Mr Darcy , sometime I made my mom worried too because I ate something which I should not eat and the tummy bug just go wild, and then I become to be quite as you, Till after I made a mess , then eat grass then I can become myself again !
Hugs to you and your mom

tubby3pug said...

I am glad you feel better. Cats can get sick so fast, that I worry a lot too when mine act off. Im glad he is eating. Our cats all share one bowl and about four years ago after we move our cat Baby stopped eating her dry food. I didnt notice since they share. She got very sick and I rushed her to the vet, she had fatty liver which cats can get really quickly if they dont eat even for about two days. She was in the hospital and had a feeding tube in her throat for about a month, we had to squirt her tube through a syringe. $3500 dollars later she was completely better. Now I watch like a hawk to make sure they all eat their regular amount

Kjelle Bus said...

Hi Mr Darcy !
Glad to read that it just was a tummy bug.
Me too like to be dryed with the hairdryer after my baths :)

Whisppy said...

Maybe he ate a roach or something. Glad he's doing fine now...with a fluffy bum!

Dory and the Mama said...

Whew...we are so glad to hear that Darcy is better....well, except for that whole shower/blow dryer thing...:-)

Dory, Jakey and Bilbo

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