Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sleeping Kitties

I came across a lovely site the other day called Sleeping Kitties which is of course a collection of Kitties... Sleeping!!

Taking pictures of my cats asleep is something I did a post on when I very first started this blog. At the time I think I was the only reader though so my secret life as 'sleeping cat pawparrazzi' stayed quiet!

See Jennifer's adorable site and Mr Darcy and Sookie in an unusually peaceful snuggle here:


We love LUNA said...

I also love take good naps! Amazing idea my friend and thanks for the link, I will visit it!

Whisppy said...

I love to see kitties sleeping together. :)

Kjelle Bus said...

Me too LOVE snoozing :)
Mom loved that site with all the snoozing cat´s !
She is a little bit better from her cold now.
But I´m still cross with her for the unnecessary bath !!!

tubby3pug said...

Cats sleeping and purring is one of the great simple pleasures

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There is an award for you waiting

Remington said...

Sweet dreams little kitties....

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