Thursday, 8 September 2011

Talking Cats

Thought it was time for you to hear Mr Darcy and Sookie for a change. They do like to chat! This is their "I'm hungry gimme food" voice.
They have several other quite distinct noises too, I think I've become quite a good Cat Whisperer. There is the "teehee I'm about to be naughty" chirrup, usually performed whilst running or jumping onto/off of something, the "I'm at the other side of the house and no-one is playing with me" meow, the "get off me Mr Darcy I don't like my ears being bitten" squeal and the "ha! Tricked you, now I shall pounce and bite YOUR ears!!" trill. 

And there are many others too... do your cats talk to you?? =^..^=


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Teehee! We blog and send text messages to Mama and Dad. purrr...meow!

amanda said...

Hola Mr. Darcy and Sookie! My mummy can understand my meows too (I think). Rio from Barcelona

Whisppy said...

MOL! Cosmo is a man of few mews. He only mews when it's mealtimes. Boomer...well, he talks about anything and everything. He's like the Larry King of the cat world. Heehee.

We love LUNA said...

You both did a great job, meowing for the delicious treats!
Hmmm you got it! yesssssss!
Love your video, you have beautiful voices!

Angie said...

They sure do have a lot to say!

Kjelle Bus said...

I speak to much , just as my mom does , say´s dad :)
I don´t know how I will sound after I have been neutered ??
Maybe like a castrato singer ??

tubby3pug said...

Oh nice and loud, we have one really loud kitty, Ernie If he doesnt get his food fast enough he throws things on the floor

Fin said...

Hi! So nice of you to drop by and say hello! You are a pair of lovely kitties, please drop by anytime!

Dory and the Mama said...

Hey Sooky and Darcy....Dory and Jakey would like to come play!!

(Seriously, they are looking ALL OVER for you guys!!)

Dory, Jakey and Bilbo

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

that was just adorable! I was just marveling at how cats each have different sounding "meows". Cody DEFINITELY whines when he is pleading for food, he sounds nothing like your babies. They all sound so different and I find it to be captivating.

Alfie said...

that is so cute! such beautiful eyes. my cat sisters dont really talk, they kinda whine. Lady Whiskers goes "nyaaaaaaaaaaah!" early in the morning and paws my people's face telling them to give her breakfast. i admire cats because they know how to get their way!

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

I love how unique their meows are. Mine all talk but my old Siamese is like a non-stop foghorn.

Kitcaboodles said...

I've so enjoyed reading all your comments on this!

Tubby3Pug - I laughed out loud at the thought of Ernie throwing things around!

Alfie - yes Darcy and Sookie whine too if they aren't getting their way, I'm having to be really strict now that they're on a diet, so difficult to resist!!

Caren&Cody - I'm fascinated by all the different sounds.. Darcy also does this strange noise that I call his 'scottish accent' as it sounds like he's rolling his 'r's... as in rrrrrrrrr!!

Kitcaboodles said...

Cat Wisdom 101 - I've heard that Siamese are one of the chattiest breeds, I find it really adorabl when they talk... although not quite so much at 5am!

Dory & The Mama - haha my two start trying to climb onto the laptop if I play videos of cats meowing, works every time :)

Fin - thanks for dropping by here, we are looking forward to keeping up to date on all the goings on of our new favourite grannycat!

Kjelle Bus - your dad is a cheeky one! Also I'm sure you will still sound like a ManCat following your operation!!

Kitcaboodles said...

Angie - they sure do.. morning, noon and night!!

Whisspy - Sookie and Darcy are a bit like that. Darcy chats away about everything, Sookie only talks when she wants something!

Luna - why thank you, the tip is to gargle with puddle water (or at least that's what Darcy seems to like best!!)

Rio and Amanda - Hola! Rio if your getting your noms, belly rubs and head scratches at the right times then I think your mummy understands you just fine :)

Cat-From-Sydney - wow texts and blogging - you are a true techno kitty! I have to perform all 'puter duties on Darcy and Sookie's behalf whilst they take their important cat naps!!

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