Sunday, 10 July 2011

A lazy weekend

My cats bestowed a lovely gift on me Saturday morning, they let me sleep in until 9 AM - squee!! Usually Sookie is quite persistent and either miaows, licks my face, or gives me furry headbutts until I give in and get up. At which point she runs off and settles down in her bed for a sleep, as if her work is done.

My lie in did come at a price however. A very cute Mr Darcy followed me to the bathroom and began his usual routine of trilling and chirping whilst rolling around in the shower cubicle. Through bleary eyes I noticed he had litter stuck to his back paw. Closer inspection showed it was stuck there by poop. So my first task of the day was to run a mini bath in the sink and 'dip' Darcy until clean. This doesn't happen too often these days thankfully!

The rest of the weekend has been so nice and lazy, mostly comprised of sitting on the couch with a ragdoll rolled up next to me, or in the garden playing with the cats and attempting to take some photos. It is so damn hard to get a picture of Sookie, she has some kind of radar and automatically turns around so you get a shot of her backside, or worse she zips off and you get a blur. 

Darcy on the other hand loves the camera...and his wand toy!

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