Sunday, 24 July 2011

Ragdoll Cats = Bear Paws

I have a small obsession with my cat's paws! I call them bear paws because they are HUGE! 
Mr Darcy has particularly massive paws, I think this is a male ragdoll trait as he's about a third bigger than Sookie all over. 
 Sookie's paws seemed too big for her as a young kitten, but she's grown into them now!
I'm also fascinated by the toe tufts as I'd never seen these on a cat before. Admittedly I'd hadn't ever gotten too close to a cat before my two came along, but supposedly most outdoor cats with medium to long hair have them, but they wear off from excessive abrasion from all the pavement pounding! 

I've found two reasons online for why cats have toe tufts:
  1. The tufts help a cat by muffling excess noise so that they can silently stalk their prey
  2. To help the cats withstand the cold in the cold winter months
Whilst my cats would argue that they are excellent hunters and are rather partial to a bit of fresh air, I'm not sure that the toe tufts come in for much of the intended use with indoor ragdolls. But my goodness do they look adorable!!

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