Monday, 11 July 2011


I went online last week to order some replacement filters for the cat's drinking fountain. BIG MISTAKE! Darcy and Sookie are indoor cats so I'm always trying to find new ways to keep them entertained and excercised. Plus I just love the toy section.

I use a few different sites, but I particularly like to browse Zooplus as it posts product photos taken by it's customers. So often you buy something online and it turns up looking nothing like you expected or the product is just far too small for a ragdoll cat.
(I also love viewing cute cat pictures!)

I was intrigued by a new toy under the activity centre section called Kitty Lake. I clicked on the pictures and... SQUEE!! I had to buy it. And a cat tunnel. And a new wand toy.

Here's  a link to the Kitty Lake, is it not a fab idea??

I am now impatiently waiting for delivery. No doubt upon arrival I will excitedly unpack everything, squealing 'what's this kitties, have you got new TOYS?' only for them to ignore me, climb in the empty box or even worse, sniff the toys then wander off. But for now I'm all excited.

It also turned out that Zooplus don't do the cat filters I wanted, so I had to go to Petplanet and spend even more money. Rats.

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