Saturday, 16 July 2011

Shopping Update

Well my bumper shopping parcel has arrived consisting of:
- a cat tunnel (£8.99)
- the Kitty Lake (£13.99)
- a wand toy (£1.99).

The clear winner? The wand toy of course! What can I say... my kitties are a cheap date!

But back to the The Kitty Lake. It's designed for outside use and has a reflective surface to bounce the light which is supposed to entice the cats. There are also floating foam toys which you can put treats on so the cats have to use their paws to get the treats, i.e. 'work' for reward. I've been dying to try it out but the weather has been pretty miserable - no sun in sight. Not to be deterred, I added a couple of treats to see what the cats would think of it. Sookie is not interested, and Darcy... well see for yourself...

So much for having to work for it, he's just too good at treat hunting!

The weather now looks like this:

Hence we are stuck indoors. Both cats are having fun playing with it in the shower for now, mostly drinking from it!
Conclusion - it's a rather elaborate and expensive water bowl... but they like it so hey ho :)

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