Sunday 25 September 2011

A Visit to Feline Care Cat Rescue

Yesterday morning I came across an article about the Norfolk Feline Care Cat Rescue and Homing Centre which is in desperate need of help - it has until the end of September to raise £70,000 in order to buy itself and become a registered charity in it's own right, or it will have to close it's doors.

I learned the following from their website:
"FELINE CARE was founded in 1997 to take on the 'unwanted' moggies and offer a forever-home to those with nowhere else to go. Over the years Feline Care has evolved as many of the nervous cats we take in have slowly learnt to love humans and have since found their own homes. Now we operate a regular rescue and rehoming sanctuary but with a difference because we will always be here for those who need us most..."

This one really got to me, especially as we've just had Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet-Week. Whilst we have no room for more kitties ourselves and aren't exactly rolling in money this year, we resolved to go show our support in whatever little way we could at their open day today, which is part of their final bid to raise the money.

Upon arrival we were greeted by so many wonderful sights and sounds - there was an excellent turnout and in true brit style everyone was having tea and coffee on the grass, as kids played on the bouncy castle and friendly resident cats wandered from person to person for a bit of attention, or lounged lazilly on the comfy sofas and chairs.

As we walked around, there was a door open to what looked like a stock room for the cat's food and spare furniture, and sitting quietly and patiently on one of these was a little cat. At first I thought she was very old, but as I got closer I realised she had a very bad skin condition which had caused her skin to wrinkle. As I said hello she came to life and immediately meowed a friendly greeting. That was it, for the next 20 minutes she got all my attention and cuddles. One of the FelineCare staff came over and explained that Brock has an allergy that they are working on at the moment, but she's otherwise happy and healthy, enjoying a good life at the centre and lapping up all of the attention. She also refuses all comfortable cat furniture and prefers to find the most awkward, inhospitable spot possible! 

I surprised myself but getting a little choked up at the thought that she might not get a home due to her allergy. I do hope it doesn't deter people as she was such a beautiful little soul, so willing to love and be loved. By the time I left (grudgingly) there was a little queue of people ready to continue the cuddles, so I felt a bit better!
This little beauty (below) was greeting everyone who came past. I was told that she doesn't really like to be stroked unless it's on her head. I very slowly stopped what I was doing (a rigorous back rub) and gave her a good chin and ear scritch instead. Claw attack averted, everyone seemed happy!
Here are a few of the outdoor cats roaming the centre...
And these are the indoor cats. Their facilities are spacious, clean and have UPVC glazing and under floor heating. There are lots of cat trees, shelves and perches and little cat tunnels which lead to an enclosed inside space should they get too cold (or bored of visitors!).
All in all we felt that the centre was very well run and was giving excellent care to it's residents - a safe, loving and healthy environment. I really do hope that they raise enough money to stay open and we are keeping fingers, toes and paws crossed for them all.

You can visit them at FelineCare or on their facebook page
We helped too, we donated some of our sunday cuddles!!

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Wishful Wednesday

A few weeks ago now our friends over at Urban Hounds were kind enough to give us an award - our first ever! I was very happy, congratulated the kitties... then life got very busy and I didn't have a chance to pass it on. Then last weekend the lovely Whisspy beat me to giving them the award, by giving it to us! So sorry for being so slow!

The award is called Premio Destellos Brillantes en el Cielo Azul (Bright Flashes in the Blue Sky Award) and wants us to describe what we dream or wish for most in the world.

Firstly I would like to pass the award on to 6 of my friends. It was hard to choose just 6 as you all make me smile, but in no particular order:
Whisspy I know you sent this to me, but you were one of the first blogs I started to follow when I got here and I love catching up on your (mis)adventures with Mr White and his not so willing imposters!!
The Meow Factor Life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from the eyes of a Sydney-born feline. Shortly before adopting Mr Darcy, I was lucky enough to honeymoon in KL and Borneo so this blog brings back many fond memories.. and of course it helps that Angelina is a most entertaining tour guide!
KjelleBus A multilingual feline who never fails to make me smile =^..^=
FurryFourLeggedFosterFriends MelB has a revolving door for doggies needing a loving home before their forever home and does a fantastic job
WeLoveLuna I just always want to give Luna a big cuddle, she's a beauty!!!
DorysBackyard A beautiful smiley bunch and beautiful pictures to match :)

There are so many things I wish for... but at present I would like JackTheCat, lost at JFK to be found safe and sound, along with all those other cats that go missing everyday. Also for Annie at Lucy's Lounge to have a good and successful operation today.

And what about Sookie and Mr Darcy?

Sookie wishes that summer would come back so that she can squash my flowerbeds some more...

And Mr Darcy just wants to take over the planet... one world leader at a time.

    Monday 19 September 2011

    Happy Meow Like A Pirate Day!

    We've now been a member of the blogosphere for just over 2 months and everyone has been so warm and welcoming - the kitties and I just wanted to say thanks everyone! Mr Darcy, Sookie and I are having lots of fun and are so happy that we can participate in these awesome events - Happy Meow Like A Pirate Day!!

    Well... I say everyone... Mr Darcy originally had a fantastic Skull and Crossbones cloak to go with his pirate hat, but chucked a diva strop and refused to pose in it. Sookie ran at the first sight of the outfit and hid under the bed, only to appear a bit later to laugh at Mr Darcy!

    Don't worry kitties, the cloak is back in the cupboard... until next year!!


    P.s. I was round at my folks the other night and was surprised and a little worried to see that on both their pc and laptop my blog didn't load with the correct colours so you couldn't read it properly - all Headers should be in black font on a light gray background, but on theirs it all came out black! It looks fine on mine! Please could you help me by filling in the poll that I've added to the top right of this page. It will help me understand whether I need to fix a problem! Thanks :)

    Saturday 17 September 2011


    Okay so this may be more my daydream than Mr Darcy's, however I wish I could take Darcy and Sookie to the beach and let them feel sand beneath their paws and the fresh sea air... I think they'd love it.

    Maybe I'll buy a sand pit...

    Happy Saturday everyone!!! 


    Friday 16 September 2011

    Floppy Friday - Sookie gets comfy

    When we first got Mr Darcy we excitedly bought all sorts of stuff that a cat would need, including a lovely fleecy bed. He never showed any interest in it, preferring to lie next to it instead. 

    After a while we gave it to my mum and dad for their dog to use. He didn't like it either!!

    When we got Sookie, I asked if I could take it back 'just in case'. And it was love at first sight... she got straight in and started to purr. 

    "I prefer the carpet!"
    Third time lucky!!

    Happy Friday everyone =^..^=

    Friday 9 September 2011

    Floppy Friday - Sunbathing

    Mr Darcy has so many places he likes to flop down, but this has to be one of his all time favourites... by the window catching flashes of sunlight on his very own mat!
    I have a lovely thick pile rug in the lounge, the cats decided it was great for digging their claws into, which wasn't really what I had in mind! I decided to buy them their own rug which they would be allowed to scratch instead and found one at a car boot for £1. 
    Before I'd even unrolled it Mr Darcy claimed it as his, so it stays rolled up by the window just as he likes it.
    They still scratch my rug.

    Thursday 8 September 2011

    Talking Cats

    Thought it was time for you to hear Mr Darcy and Sookie for a change. They do like to chat! This is their "I'm hungry gimme food" voice.
    They have several other quite distinct noises too, I think I've become quite a good Cat Whisperer. There is the "teehee I'm about to be naughty" chirrup, usually performed whilst running or jumping onto/off of something, the "I'm at the other side of the house and no-one is playing with me" meow, the "get off me Mr Darcy I don't like my ears being bitten" squeal and the "ha! Tricked you, now I shall pounce and bite YOUR ears!!" trill. 

    And there are many others too... do your cats talk to you?? =^..^=

    Wednesday 7 September 2011

    Dancing With Kitties

    Mr Darcy is now feeling a bit better apart from the odd barf now and again... he is also rather upset that he missed Friday's stair dance. Sookie is however on hand to catch him up...
    That's it Darcy, now a paw to the right....
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