Sunday, 5 February 2012

Kitties First Snow!!

Hi everyone, we're so sorry that we haven't been around much lately and miss you all. My new job has started which is keeping me busy, so I've had to take the decision that when I'm at home I'll spend less time on the laptop and more time with the kitties atop my lap!!

...but I can never stay away for long!!

So what's being going on in the world of Kitcaboodles? Oh nothing too much really, other than:
- I'M AN AUNTIE!! On the 22nd January my sister finally gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy, Harry. They live in Liverpool which is about 4 hours away, so I'm excited as I will finally get to meet him next weekend.
- WE'RE MOVING! My husband and I both commute to work and have decided it's all getting a bit much so we're going to move closer to the city. The estate agents have been around and now it's just a case of finding some time to sell our house and buy another - it sounds so easy when you say it fast!

What's that? You'd rather hear about Mr D and Sookie? Of course you would! Well they've got news too... it's finally SNOWED!!

The week before my husband and I married in February 2009 we had some of the heaviest snowfall that I could ever remember. Britain is not good at dealing with snow and it grinds everything to a halt, so we were pretty worried that there would be no one at the wedding. Luckilly it cleared for the big day!

A year later we brought home Mr Darcy, our first anniversary present to each other and it snowed pretty much exactly the same time as the year before. Of course he wasn't allowed out into the garden at that stage, so he just watched it from the safety of the doorway.

Last night, we had heavy snow for the first time in a few years. I had wondered if it would happen because our anniversary is nearly here again. Mr Darcy and Sookie were beside themselves, they've never seen so much white and kept putting a few paws out the cat flap and then retreating back inside. At regular intervals in the night they also woke me up, I think this was to let me know that they were waiting to go out. So this morning I pulled on my wellies, opened the doors wide and let them have an adventure!

Mr Darcy: "I'm not too sure about this Sookie, it looks all strange..."
Sookie: "Oh you're such a scaredy cat Darcy. I'm going to investigate."
Sookie: "Oooh my paws keep sinking..."
Sookie: "...but it's fun, c'mon Mr Darcy get out here!!"
Mr Darcy: "Okay okay I'm out. I'm staying here though, this is weird."
Sookie: "Nah follow me Mr D it's fine..."
Sookie: "...and the snow tastes good too!"
Mr Darcy: "Geez you're so pushy Sookie!!"
Sookie: "The word you're looking for is motivational!"

To be continued...
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