Thursday, 29 December 2011

Our Christmas

Hi everyone, Mr Darcy and Sookie here! We've had a lovely relaxing break over Christmas and hope you all did too. Here's a little bit of what we got up to:

We snoopervised all the unwrapping
Mum and Dad got presents and we got the packaging to play with
Tissue paper is the bestest thing ever!
Mr Darcy: "Gee thanks for that mum!!"
Sookie: "I'll help with this one!"
Mr Darcy: "Me too!"
Daddy got Star Wars on Blu Ray so Mr Darcy showed off his best Chewbacca impression
Mr D got a birdy!.... stop him from eating the birdies on the tree!
We hung out under the tree a lot playing with our new catnip mousies
Oh and Mr D commandeered a tank
Mr Darcy: "That's it Sookie, just a little bit closer!"
Mr Darcy: "I love my tank!"
Mummy says that whilst we were taking a break our friends UrbanHounds,
ManxMNews and Gorogoro and Nikoniko all gave us the Liebster Blog Award!!

"Liebster" means dear,dearest, favorite or beloved in German and so we are very grateful to have received it - thank you all so much and congrats on receiving the awards yourselves - all very well deserved :)

And in the true spirit of Christmas we have received a gift and we will now pass it on to 5 blogs that we love:

Jacqueline's Cat House: These girls (and Daddy Cat!) are always picture perfect and bring a smile to my face whenever I visit
Lucy's Lounge: I first discovered this blog after reading Annie's story on another link. She was very ill at the time but has made a great recovery since with the love and support of her new family and all her friends around the world. I always love to stop by and catch up on what the gang are up to!
Cattywumpus: This is a fairly new blog featuring the illustrations of the very talented Ann Boyajian, telling the story of her cats Skootch and Lucifee. (I am also slightly biased as whenever I see the drawings of Skootch it reminds me of my own Mr Darcy!)
Fuzzy Tails: featuring the adorable and also very funny Nicky and Derry - a great combination!
Brian's Home: A very handsome mancat with some beautiful sisters - if you aren't following Brian's version of the Twelve Days of Christmas already you should check it out!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Cuddles

Sookie "Oh hai, you may wonder why I look so chilled. Well..."
Sookie: "I love the Christmas holidays because it means..."
Sookie: "...cosy cuddles with my daddy!!"
Mr Darcy: "...and she's not the only one!"
*smooch smooch kiss kiss* Mr Darcy: "Tehee he hee"
Mr Darcy: "Oh... you all saw that." *blush*

Merry Christmas everyone! Love from Mr Darcy, Sookie and their faithful servants Laura and Neil! xoxo


Monday, 19 December 2011

Food glorious food!

I may have mentioned that Mr D loves food... especially Sookie's food! When we put her bowl on the floor next to Darcy (where she prefers  to eat) this happens:


Mr Darcy will then stick his head straight into her bowl at which point Sookie will run off, leaving him double portions of the stinky goodness. I therefore used to have to stand guard and act as referee at dinner time.

We have resolved this problem by putting Sookie's food on the kitchen table which is out of Mr Darcy's reach. This doesn't stop him from trying though! Excuse the dark grainy shot but this is what my husband sent me from his mobile the other day!

Mr Darcy, my beautiful little greedy guts!!! =^..^=

Monday, 12 December 2011

Supervisor Sookie

As I've mentioned, I've been very busy with work recently working long hours and weekends too. The good news is that it was all for a good cause as I went for a promotion and found out this week that I got it! 

It's been quite exhausting but Sookie was on hand to remind me when I really should take a break. Let's just say subtlety isn't her strong point...

*click click clickety click*

"Mama four hours without a break is unacceptable!"

"I have disabled your internet... it's for your own good."
(She really did disable my internet as well... it took me an hour to work out how to get it back - she'd make a brilliant computer programmer!!)

Friday, 9 December 2011

Friday Flashback - Last Christmas

Last Christmas was our first with the cats. I know that not everyone understands it, but for my hubby and I Darcy and Sookie are our children and the best thing on Christmas day was of course giving them their present! We had found a toy called 'Panic Mouse', which is battery powered - you turn it on by twisting the mouse's nose and the fishing rod starts flicking about randomly. We wrapped it up and let them sniff it and do the usual 'head rub and chew' investigation, before opening and setting it up for them.

As you can see Mr Darcy and Sookie fell in love with this toy immediately and set to work trying to catch that fidgety bobble at the end of the stick!

In fact they went properly nutso over this toy and were leaping, rolling, stalking and diving in equal measure!
"Must... catch.. the bobbly thing!!"
"Gah almost had it, swat faster Sookie!!"
The above photo is one of my personal favourites of Sookie even though it's not in focus or anything - it just makes me laugh every time I see it!
"Best toy ever!"

...of course by Boxing Day, Mr D and Sookie decided that it was just as fun to simply lie down and watch the toy flick back and forth and made no further effort to actually play with it ever again! Eventually it was relegated to the back of the cupboard. But for one day it was their favourite toy in the world!

We have already sorted out a couple of presents for this year's cat stockings...but you'll just have to wait until Christmas along with Sookie and Darcy to find out what they get! :)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Friday, 2 December 2011

Vitamin E - Part 1

Sookie has been in a particularly mischievous mood this week. My hubby is a bit of a film and tv geek and has a collection of figures from Star Wars and Transformers. Sookie is obsessed with them and keeps climbing onto our shelving unit to play with them. It's quite funny to see my 30 something hubby shout to a cat to "get off Optimus Prime, he's not a toy!!!"

Sookie also had her yearly check up and booster jabs this week. All went well and she's a healthy weight. She gets quite upset at car journeys though and meows constantly. This time though I decided to try putting on a cd and would you know it, she settled down in her carrier and took a nap - I've never really thought about animals and music before but I think she might have found it soothing... do your cats show any interest in music??
You might also have noticed from the photos that Sookie is following in Darcy's footsteps and floofing out for winter - her mane seems to have sprouted from nowhere!

Happy weekend everyone!! :)
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