Sunday, 15 April 2012

So dear friends....

...have you missed us???

We've been busy being... well... not so busy actually! I've been working lots during the week so it's nice to come home and just chill out with the kitties and the husband. I've also rediscovered reading. I hadn't read a book in such a long time but got a Kindle for my birthday. Since then I've read 8 or 9 books on the trot, usually with bookend cats at either side of me on the sofa!

As for the raggies:

Mr Darcy has been working hard on his 'blue steel' pose for his model portfolio

...Sookie has joined Neighbourhood Watch

Looking forward to catching up with what you have all been up to too!

Oh and thanks to Spitty the Kitty for giving me regular nudges that I haven't posted in a while - I needed it!! :)

Love from Kitcaboodles
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